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This handy tool allows you to convert a value into all of the common programming number bases (Hexadecimal, Binary, Octal, Decimal and Character!). (And best of all... Its FREE!) Screen Shot

Download Latest Version

baseview.zip (17 KB) [Version 0.7.6]


BaseCalc is here! Download the BaseCalc demo today! This tool builds on BaseView by providing a calculator type interface and functions making it easy to enter binary, octal, decimal, or hex digits and performing normal calculator actions: add, subtract, multiply, divide, plus some special functions for programmers and computer science students. [The demo allows you to perform all calculator functions but is limited to numbers that fit in ten bits.] Screen Shot

Download Demo Version

bcdemo.zip (23 KB) [Version 0.5.9d]

When you are satisfied that BaseCalc will be a valuable tool on your handheld you can get the full version for just $5.25 at:

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